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Mark Keillor is a graduate of Ball State University, the Economic Development Institute, and is a Veteran of the U.S. Army having served in Vietnam.  He spent his career in community and economic development working for an economic development consulting firm, a major utility company, a local chamber of commerce, and as a demographic researcher and planner for a civil engineering firm. 


His degree in urban studies and economics combined with his work experience provided what he describes as “the best civics education on the planet.”  His ambition is to have every other American share the excitement and enlightenment he experienced through studies and work … and make it simple and enjoyable.

He has edited and co-authored books and articles that featured his knowledge and perspectives on community life and has experience writing for civics related blogs. 

He has taken his education and experience and combined them with a focus on quality of life and relationships to develop a relevant, interesting, and engaging curriculum for teaching civics and economic literacy. 


He hit the streets with his American Pie Seminar and found that there was tremendous interest in civics and community economics when presented in a way that related to the audience.  He then reorganized the seminar into the Civics Day Camp, an event for families, individuals, and others.

Mark and his wife Jean live in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton.  He is also active in creating and promoting a stage play and screenplay about the Third Army Soldier Show, currently owns one patent, has three patents pending, and plays piano professionally. 

Mark S Keillor

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