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It takes about six hours to get through the fast pace of the presentation.


You and Your Dream,  Let's make sure we know you.  Then we'll find out how civics relates to you.

The American Dream, Rooted in human nature and America's founding documents

Americans talk about it often.  We put into words where it comes from and see what it includes.

Civics and Civics Principles, A framework for civilized society and representative government.

What's in the Declaration of Independence, what does it mean, what does it provide today.

Find out more about the U.S. Constitution and how it protects us.


Quality of Life, Community, Personal, Spiritual

Find out how broad the quality of your life really is and what is required to support it.

Community, What we have in common!  So much to know and learn

Do you identify primarily with one community?  Learn who your fellow community members might be and what other communities where you might be a member.  Also learn about communities of communities, threats to your communities and how members are affected by impacts on the community.

Economic Literacy Through Economic Development,

The path to a better quality of community wealth

Economic development is a community process.  Though often led by elected officials and not-for-profits, there are roles and opportunities for all citizens.


The American Pie, Bigger pie vs. bigger slice

The American Pie is a fun analogy for The American Dream. Everyone wants a slice of the pie, but the size of the pie determines how many get to participate.

Leadership, Those who inspire us to excel and whose actions keep us united

We all must recognize and support GOOD leaders. As leaders inspire us, we must provide inspiration and support to help them work even harder to represent and support the interests of their constituents. In learning about leadership, we may even identify inspire, and even create more leaders for both the present and the future.

National / World Trends and Impacts, The world is growing in some ways, shrinking in others

Population increases, migration, trade, conflicts, political trends, more.

​Conclusions, Summary, Recommendations, Directions

We wrap things up with business suggestions, community participation ideas, encouragement to participate in the economic and political processes of your community ... especially voting.

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