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Civics education and practice, along with related knowledge of economic literacy and the installation of great leadership in governments and organizations are all essential to you enjoying and appreciating your life. Additionally, as we learn about and practice better personal civic behavior and better communal civic behavior, the world will become a better place one neighborhood, one community, one city, one state, and perhaps one nation at a time.  Civics knowledge is essential to the CIVIL governing of society.  Please join us.


QUALITY OF LIFE                                 QUALITY OF LIFE                                QUALITY OF LIFE

For your constituents in the place where you live, work, and worship.

Quality of life can be assessed in three different areas.

Community Quality of Life Indicators


  • GDP   the total output of an economy. This is a guide to national output and influences the level of consumption. Higher GDP enables a community to alleviate levels of absolute poverty.

  • Distribution of Income   Some communities have high GDP per capita, but some people still live in poverty.

  • Employment / Unemployment   Unemployment is one of the main economic causes of poor life conditions. Also, quality of employment, e.g. underemployment in the economy.

  • Public Safety   Crime rates and adequate police and fire protection.

  • Government   Governments exist to serve and protect their citizens.  They should be free of fraud and corruption and engage in planning for the future.

  • Infrastructure   Utilities, roadways, and institutions that facilitate our abilities to live in communities.

  • Social Amenities   Parks and recreational facilities and programs, libraries, museums, historical sites.

  • Life Expectancy   Does the location or circumstances lead to longer or shorter lives?

  • Education    High standards, high performing schools, and excellent facilities. 

  • Housing  The standard and quality of housing and related amenities. Also, the rate of homelessness.

  • Air Pollution   The quality of air can influence numerous quality of life and health conditions.

  • Levels of Congestion and Transport   Congestion can lead to time lost sitting in traffic jams as well as personal frustration and mental health. 

  • Environmental Standards   Quality and quantity of ‘green spaces’ where people can escape pressures of cities.

  • Wildlife Diversity   Protection of wildlife and areas of natural beauty. 

  • Access to clean drinking water    The basic necessity for life.

  • Climate  Climate can make some areas inhospitable for living or commerce.

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